Mutating Creatures are able to offer a unique option for you to customise your own personal lighting solution. We can cater for a simple colour change or help you create your one of a kind lighting design. For more information on how to get started please contact us.



Can't find the colour you want? Ask for a custom colour. We can colour match your pendant to suit your space. Email the colour palette image or choose from the Dulux colour range along with the swatch name.


Other speciality paints are available on request.

Quarterium Pendant light | Mutating Creatures
Mutating Creatures colours
Custom lighting | Mutating Creatures
New designs | Mutating Creatures
Custom designs | Mutating Creatures

custom DESIGNS


Choosing the right lighting for an area can be daunting for some. So allow our team help you create something bespoke to suit your space.
We offer a 3d rendering and all juicy details of the new design before proceeding.
Custom pendant light | Mutating Creatures
Custom designs | Mutating Creatures




We cater for both residential and commercial projects.

Contact us for a consultation.


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A few lighting tips
Lighting Positioning 

Positioning and grouping of your lighting can be quite easy with just a few tips you will be on your way to start adapting your own space. Work on having multiple lighting solutions for your space.

Bedroom Lighting

There are many uses for your pendant or table light in the bedroom. A great option is to hang two pendants either side of the bed. Getting the height right is important. So always check the distance of your pendant from your side table. Or add a Table lamp to help generate the mood of your room especially when using the correct globe.

Dining Room Lighting

The dining area is a great opportunity to let your creativity shine. You have the option to use multiple pendants over the dining table, either grouped together at slightly different heights or an even straight line across the table. This all depends on the size of your table, space and creativity.

Kitchen Lighting

As you know kitchens come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and styles.  For large open spaces with high ceilings and ample bench space or one with a kitchen island, you may consider grouping your pendants at different heights. We suggest going with odd numbers 1, 3 or 5  and space evenly. If your ceiling is on the low side opt for a linear light, downlights or use smaller pendant lights.

Resort | Custom designs | Mutating Creatures
Stairwell and entrance lighting



Hallway & Entrance Lighting

First impressions make all the difference between guests or new home buyers. Depending on your ceiling height, don't be afraid to add some interesting pieces to your hallway. Make sure there is plenty of distance between your head and the bottom of your pendants. You can even go as far as to use balloons attached to a string as a guide to help with distance and spacing.

Stairwell Lighting

Stairwells tend to be overlooked as a place for pendants. So fill the space with either one large statement piece or group multi sized pendants together to create an amazing feature.

Filament Bulb

Mutating Creatures recommends one of the four globes and wattages below for our pendant and table lighting. Different globes will create different effects and moods. For a warmer light we suggest an eco-friendly Karbon globe and for a brighter white light, use an eco compact fluoro. Our fittings are for globes with a MAX of 60W with E27 fitting. (screw in globe)   Unless stated otherwise.


- LED GLOBE MAX 10-12W           

- CFL (COMPACT FLUO) MAX 20W-60W            

- ECO HALOGEN- MAX 60 W                           


We are more than happy to organise globes for you if required.




Please stay tuned for all information regarding consultations




During our relocation, we are on the search for the highest quality sustainable materials for our lighting. Our legacy to keep our lighting sustainable will continue to be our priority.