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Mutating Creatures uses high-quality Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines to help produce our limited edition range of 3d printed jewellery creations.


Once printed, using the SLS technique which is a bed of Nylon powder that has been laser sintered layer by layer solidifying the powder into a new creation. 


We brush off any leftover powder residue, we then hand paint, add thread, add beads, recycled wood or findings to complete each piece of jewellery that requires it.  Which gives you a wide range of colour choices and combinations to choose from. 


We also have the option of 3d printing your jewellery in a great range of materials, such as Stainless steel, Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass, Bronze, Porcelain and strong and flexible Nylon.


We love that 3d printing has given us the freedom to create more abstract, complicated designs. This allows us to offer our customers unique custom-made jewellery.